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ABC fumbles Trump-Bills analogy, 'bigly'

You never know where a Buffalo Bills analogy is going to pop up, or if it’s even apt.

A rather confusing one appeared On Good Morning America this week when ABC political analyst Matthew Dowd sized up Donald Trump’s odds of overcoming his deficit in the polls this late in the race.

Dowd mentioned the Bills’ storied 1993 comeback playoff win over the Houston Oilers, when the Bills d trailed 35-3 at one point. A nice memory, but then Dowd fumbled.

Trump, he said, is “going to have to channel his inner Doug Flutie, and he’s going to need more than one Hail Mary. He’s going to need a few Hail Marys, and probably a couple of Our Fathers.”

Hold on. It looks like Dowd messed up there, “bigly.”

As Bills fans know, Frank Reich was the quarterback who engineered that comeback. Flutie didn’t join the Bills until 1998.

Upon further review, it seems Dowd conflated the Bills’ stirring victory in the Oilers matchup with Flutie’s famed Hail Mary pass that won a 1984 game for Boston College over the University of Miami.

We know the Bills haven’t made the playoffs in a long time, but is it too much to ask that our fleeting moments of glory at least be remembered correctly?

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