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Letter: Undocumented workers contribute to community

Undocumented workers contribute to community

I hope our community can reflect our best selves and stop using the term “illegals” when describing undocumented immigrants. Undocumented immigrants are members of our community who lack the proper paperwork. Comprehensive immigration reform is still needed in our country.

While we wait for an ineffective Congress to pass the necessary laws, undocumented workers continue to be held and deported. These individuals are a part of the fabric of Western New York. They have families. They may belong to block clubs and parent teacher boards. They are soccer coaches and Bible study leaders. They have helped our communities rebuild and thrive.

We should not reduce their entire public identity to a legal condemnation of their undocumented status. We must have a conversation about comprehensive immigration reform as an informed electorate. Let us attempt to use appropriate language when having those conversations.

Sam Dolce


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