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Letter: Trump’s agenda promotes hatred

Trump’s agenda promotes hatred

It appears the Christian right has become myopic in its voting criteria. A large sign in downtown Buffalo states “Christians vote against abortion.” On church lawns, there are similar signs. And it is commendable for people to vote their conscience. However, this election is a package deal.

If Christians are urged to vote against abortion, they will be voting for an angry, hateful agenda that stigmatizes Mexicans as criminals and rapists, Muslims as terrorists, women as pigs and Jews as a threat to our economy, and sanctioning mass murders by allowing terrorists and other violent people to have guns.

I cannot believe this is what Jesus would do should he be a part of the maelstrom of this election. Jesus would welcome the stranger, advocate peace, insist that we love our neighbor as ourselves, abhor the gun violence in this country and have reverence and respect for women. The agenda of the Republican campaign as I see it is neither Christian nor right.

Theresa Medige


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