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Letter: Trump empowers people by exposing the core issues

Trump empowers people by exposing the core issues

In his column, “Trumpism is a lesson in ignorance,” Rod Watson quotes University at Buffalo professor James Campbell who suggests that if people really believe the election is rigged, there is little incentive to abide by the rules or try to make things work.

To the contrary, for the first time since John Kennedy we have a candidate who exposes the core issues. By confronting the machine that Hillary Clinton represents, by standing up to the bullying of the media, Donald Trump has shone a light on the corruption of our rigged system that most of us “deplorables” know: the free-trade pacts that have eliminated American jobs, wars of aggression that only benefit the military industrial financial complex, the subversion of America allowed by illegal immigration.

Trump represents a new respect for law and order, and with his “America First” slogan, he’s pledged to stop the negative return on taxpayers’ money. That’s why, contrary to Campbell, understanding what we are up against is empowering. Now we can begin “to make things work” because we have a leader who’s willing to blow the whistle on the rigged system.

Karen Engstrom


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