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Letter: Owner of restaurant ignores nation’s laws

Owner of restaurant ignores nation’s laws

In yet another touching News story, a Mexican restaurant owner is reopening one of his shops after being raided by various government agencies. It was touching to hear him and his customers speak about how happy they are to be reunited.

How about the fact that he employed undocumented workers? Or the alleged unpaid taxes and wages paid in cash, avoiding payroll taxes? Or allegations of unpaid federal taxes?

How about waking up to the fact that those who patronize the business and cover the story as a “poor small businessman” are just making it easier for this behavior to be continued and expanded?

Wake up, consumers and media. You pay taxes and play by the rules. Why support and encourage those who thumb their noses at laws and leave you and I to make up the shortfall they create? Shame on you.

William Kraus


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