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Letter: Give Collins the boot and back Kastenbaum

Give Collins the boot and back Kastenbaum

When we American voters cross the electoral finish line on Nov. 8 – our eyes glazed over, gasping for air – it is important that in our longing for it all to be over we not neglect the extreme dysfunction of the House of Representatives. Under the leadership of the Republicans for the past six years, current House approval ratings rest at 11 percent, the second-lowest in all the years ratings have been gathered.

While it is true that some Congress people actually accomplish good things for their constituents – Brian Higgins and Louise Slaughter being two of them – why do we in the 27th District keep electing Chris Collins, who has done nothing lately except go around singing the praises of the damaged personality at the head of his ticket? Those of us in the 27th District need to “clean House” and replace him with his very worthy opponent, Diana Kastenbaum, a successful Batavia business owner. Kastenbaum deserves the chance to work with the new president to tackle the tough issues that lie ahead in the 115th Congress. Her website ( offers ample reasons why she should be supported.

Judith Geer


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