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Letter: Consult news sources outside of your bubble

Consult news sources outside of your bubble

Election 2016 shines the light on a dangerous and growing reality that rips us apart: People supporting Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton tend to listen to or watch only their preferred media outlets and create their own bubble. If you think everyone agrees with your viewpoint, this is not correct.

Polls say (they have an incentive to be right, contrary to what the “non-media media” would have you believe) we are divided as a country in loose approximation down the middle. Even doing an internet search will result in clicking the result that one prefers to find – and the bubble gets more impenetrable.

May I suggest you dare to read, view and consider information that is outside your bubble? Don’t let your go-to sources keep you in their bubble. Vote and make the country great again or greater, as you prefer!

John Coddington


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