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Letter: Clinton is a bad person and unfit for presidency

Clinton is a bad person and unfit for presidency

This letter is from a “deplorable” Donald Trump supporter. I have been voting for nearly 40 years and have never skipped a presidential election. My parents were registered Democrats, and I was, too, until two years ago. Although I never voted for Bill Clinton, always voting for his adversary, I pretty much supported the rest of the party.

Since Clinton left office, I feel the Democratic Party has gone way downhill, becoming very corrupt and putting this great country in a decline. In President Obama’s eight years in office, we have seen our enemies become stronger and our economy struggling worse than in the Great Depression. What has Obama really done?

Hillary Clinton seems to be a clone of Obama, but much worse. She’s a liar, a phony and a hypocrite. It seems most of her campaign smear against Trump is his disrespect toward women, yet her husband was no better. She made herself look extremely foolish when she only berated the women who accused him. When she was getting into hot water over her deleted emails, her attorney general buddy decided to just sweep it under the carpet. There are so many other skeletons in Clinton’s closet that make her unqualified for the presidency.

The Democrats are the ones who are “deplorable” and bringing us down. I agree with many other writers who shared their views in this column that Trump may not be the best solution, but he’s a better choice than Clinton and all her dishonest cronies. She is not a good person and will never make a good president.

Kevin W. Dwyer


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