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Letter: Both major parties have failed miserably

Both major parties have failed miserably

After watching what was passed off as a serious presidential debate, followed by the parties’ spin doctors and the cable news pundits, I woke up wondering if I was in some kind of coma, another dimension, an alternate reality. No, this is what we’ve got from both major parties. Two people who have so far defied political gravity.

On the Republican side is a political disaster who seems focused on everything other than issues and providing a reason to vote for him. He has a well-documented history of misogyny, going off on rants and tirades that have offended everyone except those who, for whatever misguided reason, actually agree with him. He’s Archie Bunker on steroids and then some.

The Democrats’ candidate is not any better. She has demonstrated the ability to promise one thing behind doors to donors, while promising something else in private. The long, documented list of exaggerations, constant dissembling and outright lies make it impossible to know when or if she is being honest and transparent.

It is difficult to witness this election cycle. I have voted for my party’s presidential nominee from 1972 to 2012. I have run for office as a party stalwart, been an active party committeeman and managed and worked campaigns to elect fellow party members. This election is different.

I can’t in good conscience vote for my erstwhile party’s candidate, and I won’t vote for the other party’s candidate. Neither candidate has demonstrated those basic qualities that are essential. In the end, I will either write in a candidate’s name, or I will look to one of the other minor party candidates.

Ed Gentner


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