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Cuomo goes for laughs during remarks at Roswell Park

Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo on Wednesday tried his best to turn the stage at Roswell Park Cancer Institute’s Research Studies Center into a set at the Improv.

At the end of his 13 minutes of remarks during the announcement of Roswell’s upcoming clinical trials of a lung cancer vaccine from Cuba, the governor switched topics.

And for most of the way, much of the crowd ate it up.

“One last point I’d like to raise. I read in the newspaper today a story about the Buffalo train station. I saw this story. No, I read it in the newspaper. I read a lot of stories in the newspaper. And I know well enough when you read it in the newspaper, maybe it’s true, maybe it’s not true, you know.

Buffalo News, in my office they call it BN – bad news. That’s what they call it. They have a kind of a cynical approach. Is the glass of water half-full or half-empty? They say the glass of water is half-empty – and it has too much lead in it.

With that said, their train station in Buffalo, the roof collapsed. Or it was collapsing, it was leaking, which is not a good thing. And they had to close the train station because the roof was leaking, but now they fixed the roof and the [station] is open. And really there should be a new train station. People have been talking about a new train station. And then it went through all different possibilities of where the train station could be. It could be at Canalside. It could be over here. It could be at the central station. It could be tall. It could be short. Fifty-seven opinions on the train station.

And I had a panic attack.

Why? Because that reminded me of the old Buffalo. There was a proposal to build a new bridge called the Peace Bridge. And for 30 years they debated this Peace Bridge. What color should it be? What design? I want a necklace. I want a choker collar. I want it blue. I want it yellow. We’re not compromising. You know what bridge they got after 30 years? No bridge."

Cuomo went on to offer $1 million in state money for consulting work to advance planning for a new train station.

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Listen to the audio of the last several minutes of Cuomo's remarks:


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