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No lead in City Hall water fountains because none of them work

Waterless fountains

You don't have to worry about lead in the drinking fountains in City Hall.

They don't work.  They haven't for a long time.

In fact, in the almost two years that I've been working out of the Buffalo's News's City Hall office,  I've never found one that spouts water.

I've asked a few people over the past week or so why the water fountains don't work, but so far, haven't gotten a good explanation.

I'll keep asking until I find out.

National spotlight

When I was leaving City Hall around 5 p.m Wednesday, I ran into Mayor Brown, who was just returning from giving a Buffalo tour to an editor from Black Enterprise, a New York City-based magazine that reported a circulation of over 500,000 as of 2013. Brown took the editor to a dozen or so development projects around the city.

Black Enterprise magazine  describes itself as the "No.1 resource for black entrepreneurs."

Part-time pay 

As I wrote Tuesday, retired city exterminator Bobby Licata was for years working a second city job serving housing violation notices prior to getting the city gig posting foreclosure notices.

Licata wasn't sure which year the housing violation notice assignment ended and the foreclosure notice one started, but I obtained a year-to-year breakdown of how much the city paid him, going back to 2000, for these part-time assignments paid on a piecemeal basis.

The total payment from 2000 to 2016, according to city records, was $144,173. That's an average $8,481 a year. It doesn't include the $26,000 he says the city still owes him.

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