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How schools in Buffalo's suburbs have dealt with gender identity policies

School Districts throughout New York have been grappling with gender identity policies since the state Education Department put out guidelines in July 2015 on how to create schools free from discrimination against transgender and gender nonconforming students.

School board members have been discussing policies on bathroom and locker room use as their districts try to comply with the guidelines.

Several school boards have discussed policies and have not yet voted, or have not discussed the issue, including these:

  • Lancaster
  • Sweet Home
  • Frontier
  • Orchard Park

These school districts have adopted policies that allow students to be addressed and treated according to the gender in which they identify, including using the locker room and restroom that corresponds to their expressed gender identity:

  • Hamburg
  • Cheektowaga
  • Clarence
  • Iroquois

Most of the policies discuss the need for a "safe and supportive educational environment to progress academically and developmentally," and discuss the definition of terms such as cisgender, transgender, gender expression and gender identity.

Clarence's policy on restrooms and locker rooms "aims to support transgender students while also ensuring the safety and comfort of all students," and states a transgender student expressing a need for increased privacy "should be provided with reasonable alternative arrangements. "


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