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Letter: Treanor isn’t beholden to any special interest

Treanor isn’t beholden to any special interest

Steve Pigeon, disgraced former Supreme Court Justice John Michalek, Buffalo Billion and pay-to-play. Fact or perception, haven’t the citizens of Erie County had enough of special favors and corrupt backroom deals? The district attorney needs to be truly independent.

There is only one candidate who does not raise funds and does not take any contributions, and therefore is not beholden to any special interest. Joe Treanor walks the talk. After 28 years of active-duty service in the Air Force (24/7), Treanor has a wealth of experience in all of the functions required for the District Attorney’s Office.

John Flynn boasts that he was “trained to lead,” but Treanor actually leads by example. Flynn is taking donations for his campaign. New York State Board of Elections records show that he raised well over $300,000 as of early October. He claims that he would not take donations from his own staff in the future. Big deal!

Flynn is raking in the dough from the Erie County defense attorneys he would potentially face in the courtroom if elected DA. How dumb does he think we Erie County voters are? If you take money, then donors can and will expect a favor; it is an investment in their future business.

Treanor is the only candidate who refuses to raise funds, who will not owe any favors for donations and who has shed blood for our country. Do you want “honor”? Truly “justice for all”? Then vote Treanor for district attorney.

Jean Gartland


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