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Letter: America must not ignore reality of climate change

America must not ignore reality of climate change

I recently attended a dinner celebrating the achievements of Tom and Gretchen Toles at the Burchfield Penney Art Center. They received the Charles E. Burchfield Award for their commitment to the environment.

Gretchen is an environmentalist and has worked to bring attention to the state of Buffalo’s Olmsted Parks, a work of love. Tom’s cartoons are far-reaching, covering a range including politics and the environment.

I love Tom’s cartoons. He’s always on the mark, humorous and his intellect brings a great variety of literary references to play. There were some of his cartoons on the wall, including one of my favorites.

It showed a calendar week, Sunday to Saturday. The first six days each show illustrations of climate change disasters, storms, floods, etc. On the seventh day, he draws an ostrich with his head in the sand.

It’s a perfect symbol of our present state. We plod through life taking care of our daily commitments while, like frogs in a pan of boiling water, the environment boils.

Ben Perrone


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