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City Hallways (Oct. 26) Other foreclosure notice poster is a BMHA retiree

Second foreclosure poster also earns $15,000  or so annually 

Bobby Licata isn't the only  one posting foreclosure notices for the city assessment office in recent years.

So has Richard J. Giambra, a retired Buffalo Municipal Housing Authority assistant maintenance  superintendent.

Giambra made $16,812 posting notices this year; $17,268 the year before, and $16,068 the year before that, city vendor records  show.

That's $50,148 over three years for posting 4,179 posts.

Giambra, 71, earned slightly more at the part-time job than the $49,680 Licata, 57,  billed  the city for during  those  years, when he  says he  posted 4,140  foreclosure notices,  records show.

The two earned a smaller amount  in 2013-2014 - $3,600 for Giambra and $3,528 for Licata, according to the records.

Licata, as I've been writing, was also working full time as city exterminator before retiring  at the end of August.

He told me he's been posting foreclosure notices for several years - five years or so. Before that, he did similar work, he said, serving housing court summonses for the city. But that work, he said, ended when the city decided to contract with a service for the work.

Here's story in today's Buffalo News and on what Council members said Tuesday about the controversy over Licata's  foreclosure document payments.

And here's the Monday story on the issue.

From our friends to the  north

I was sitting outside Council Chambers Tuesday waiting for the lawmakers to end an executive session, and reopen their meeting back up to the public when a middle-aged couple from Toronto walked by. They were spending a few days in Buffalo enjoying the city's museums and architectural gems. One of their stops was City Hall, where they wanted to see the Council Chambers.

They waited with me for a few minutes hoping to get into the Council Chambers. Somehow the conversation turned to presidential politics.

They put Donald Trump in the class of former Toronto Mayor Rob Ford,  whose reputation for smoking crack became an embarrassment to many Canadians, including this couple.

"We understand your misery," the husband said in reference to Trump.

So were they Hillary Clinton supporters?

"I would vote  for Michelle," the wife said, referencing the current First Lady, Michelle Obama.


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