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Letter: West Seneca should hold more hearings on budget

West Seneca should hold more hearings on budget

One of the major duties of a local government is to pass an annual budget for the next fiscal year. The budget will impact all operations within the town, as well as dictate the new tax rates assessed on the residents.

As a resident of West Seneca, I respectfully request the West Seneca Town Board to entertain the possibility of holding more than one public hearing on the 2017 preliminary budget. The board scheduled one hearing for 5 p.m. on Oct. 24. This does not provide an opportunity for residents who work until 5 to participate.

Each Town Board has until Nov. 15 to approve the budget. Therefore, a second or third public hearing should be held to allow more residents an opportunity to participate in this democratic exercise. Surrounding towns are providing several forums for their residents’ convenience. The tax burden resulting from the passing of this budget will be borne by all residents, and thus all residents should be given a chance to be heard.

Susan Kims

West Seneca

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