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Letter: Wealthy progressives exert too much power

Wealthy progressives exert too much power

A journo-buff like I am can complain about the current state of the art, but to whom? Three friends in the profession are retired, and I risk being a drone to newer or potential ones.

Nonetheless, as an outsider, one of the unwashed, the denial of partisanship practiced openly has long felt surreal. More media are owned and run by a less diverse, smaller number, a class of people who endow schools and have “clout” in the culture. This is the catbird seat from which one can marginalize majority opinion, and call reaction to radicalism “extreme.”

It seems now that this privileged class is pressing its advantage as our apex power brokers as never before. In an eerie time, we now see a Justice Department investigating itself, and a media establishment scrutinizing itself.

A photo appeared one day in The News showing Bill Clinton meeting with Chinese generals, as part of a book review. The book and its review noted that the original publishing of this photo years earlier was done almost exclusively outside this country.

Madeline Albright, once walking across the White House lawn with a foreign dignitary, was questioned about the particularly appalling “missilegate” revelation of the evening before. She reportedly replied, “we don’t believe that there should be only one superpower in the world,” thus handing reporters the story of a lifetime, which strangely went nowhere.

The Clinton-Obama cliques benefited from omissions like these throughout, always seeming quite confident in their coverage. It’s hard to call these anomalies, though. Country club “progressives” throwing such weight behind figures associated with the Iran nuke deal, missilegate, numerous terror releases and a negative growth cycle is creepy.

Dan Hoffman


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