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Letter: Let’s stop judging people based on their skin color

Let’s stop judging people based on their skin color

The current climate of racial divide in this nation is disturbing. Many of the opinions expressed in The News comments section suggest all of the progress we have made toward equality and justice are in jeopardy. An ugly side of people is emerging; we are collectively falling backward into the pre-civil rights era.

A blatant disregard for all things decent is now an acceptable norm. Unfortunately, there are still people in the 21st century who believe they can define an entire group of people solely based on their designated race.

Have we forgotten we all belong to the human race? Will we destroy one another based on something as arbitrary as skin color? It amazes me that people truly believe the lies and propaganda they spread as justification for their bigotry. The hatred they feel for people unknown to them can be felt when reading their baseless remarks.

I used to allow this ignorance to anger me, but now I realize that my energy can be directed toward more positive things. Instead of making me weak, the racist and hateful words of the uneducated and biased have had the opposite effect: I am stronger than ever.

I refuse to fight with misguided people on a level that is beneath me. Instead, I will fight with meaningful words and activism. I am the embodiment of a very real truth that racists cannot deny. How can they fail to recognize my intrinsically intelligent and beautiful black mind?

Aisha Thornton


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