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Letter: High graduation rates show program’s success

High graduation rates show program’s success

Thanks to The News for its spotlight on Hillside Work-Scholarship Connection in the Oct. 13 article, “A grocer (Wegman) and a banker (Wilmers) team up to help kids.” I would like to clarify the portion of the article that described HW-SC’s quantifiable results through graduation rates.

While there are certainly many ways to analyze data surrounding a program like ours, the truest test of its effectiveness is found in the results derived from our long-term support of student participants through the course of their high school career.

According to the most recent available data for South Park High School, 32 students who joined HW-SC as freshmen stayed with the program through 12th grade – and of that number, 30 graduated on time. That 94 percent graduation rate is the best evidence of Hillside Work-Scholarship Connection’s potential to inspire students and effect positive change.

This analytic approach is supported by a thorough study of research methodologies, and has been endorsed by respected third-party partners.

Like high school itself, HW-SC achieves its desired results through a long-term partnership among students, staff, teachers and families. To measure its effectiveness in any other way distorts the mission of this much-needed program.

Lamont Williams

Regional Executive Director

Hillside Work-Scholarship Connection

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