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Niagara County Real Estate Transactions

Following are real estate transactions over $5,000 as listed in records of the Erie County clerk’s office for the week ending July 29, 2016.

• Cambria-wilson Road, Lawrence K. Moss to Melanie Gentile; Michael Gentile, $8,000.

• Mill Road, Patricia A. Benedict; Patricia A. Utley; Philip D. Utley to Yvonne L. Mccauley; Benjamin J. Mcdonald, $110,000.
• Ridge Road, Deborah J. Schultz; Raymond E. Schultz to Kristen M. Schultz, $90,000.

• Tryon Drive, Stephanie Casale; Zachary R. Casale to Gayle C. Walton; Sidney G. Walton Jr., $295,000.
• 288 Bk Tt 7th St South Seventh St. Townhouses Condo Unit #8, Stephanie L. Gruarin to Annalea Masiello; James Masiello, $190,000.
• 1439 & 1451 Ridge Road, Marjorie A. Reiter to Enterprises Shulze, $160,000.
• Pletcher Road, Claudia L. Sosnowski; Joseph Sosnowski to Nicolette A. Amoroso; Kevin D. House, $159,650.
• 998 Elliott Drive, Emily J. Martinez; Louis J. Martinez to Jamie Tomlin; Kyle Tomlin, $152,000.
• 4464 Model City Road, Joseph A. Cafarella to Richard Ashton; Kathleen Bielli, $135,000.
• Page Ave., Hope M. Hastings; Hope Mary Hastings; Joan T. Morgan to Charlotte A. Tompkins; Kenneth C. Tompkins, $91,000.

• 41 Obrien Drive, Kevin Minnick to Embrace Home Loans, $183,971.
• &chestnut Ridge Road, Marshall D. Wilson; Viola Wilson to Lynn A. Beshaw-Watier; Kevin M. Watier, $161,000.
• Morrow Ave., James J. Kern to Deborah J. Schultz; Raymond E. Schultz, $115,000.
• 30 Summit St., Rosemary D. Levin to Michael L. Hallett, $114,000.
• Minard St., Crestview Property Holdings to Carmelo Cordero, $99,900.
• 145 Chestnut St., Mary Ellen Stierer to Kelly L. Hawerbier; Michael A. Hawerbier, $97,000.
• Beattie Ave., Shirley M. Browning to Isaul Torres, $75,000.
• Jackson St., Denise M. Beshaw; William J. Beshaw to James P. Boehnke; Mark C. Boehnke, $75,000.
• Ontario St., Neil L. Seifert to Douglas James Harrison; Julie Harrison, $34,000.
• Jackson St., Denise M. Beshaw; William J. Beshaw to Lois Ulmer-Szymanski, $21,000.
• Gooding St., Terrance Mcclain; Timothy J. Mcclain to Dan M. Turk, $16,500.

• Waterford Estates Condo Unit #4857, Cynthia Brodhead; Dorothy M. Degnan; Eugene E. Degnan to Marshall D. Wilson; Viola Wilson, $210,000.
• 5895 Marion Ave., Bradley R. Dragonette to Amy P. Aquino; Antonio A. Aquino, $180,250.
• Akron Road, Mark Berner; Denise Wozniak to Christa J. Wright, $156,000.
• Eastview Drive, Audrey Evans; Robert Evans to Renee Weigold, $126,500.

• 2hess Road, Dobmeier Kelli Anne Harrigan; Thomas J. Dobmeier Jr.; Kelli Harrigan to Laura Anne Seiler; Samuel Thomas Seiler, $135,000.
• Lockport-olcott Rd & Dale Road, Marie L. Cassick to Amy L. Jowdy; Michael S. Jowdy, $90,400.
• Rounds Road, Dorothy T. Cheasty; Gary W. Cheasty to Donna L. Lenz; William H. Lenz, $35,000.

• Tuscarora Road, Joseph A. Beningo; Vivian Beningo to Everli F. Less; Timmy J. Less, $205,897.
• 3527 Miller Road, Deborah S. Hofmeyer; Deborah S. Stypa to Corinna Marie Booth, $193,500.
• Niagara Falls Boulevard, Dawn Scrivani to Recovery Jdp, $160,000.
• Van Rensselaer Ave., Francine A. Bergeron; William F. Bergeron to Ashley J. Biro; Debra A. Brenot, $159,000.
• 4739 Miller Road, Kathleen Eberhardt; Marie Jackson; Elisabeth Sigoloff to David R. Socha, $110,900.
• Bk D Stephenson Ave., Julian Abrams; Henry Lascelle to Patricia V. Lum, $92,575.
• 90th St., Michele M. Palmeri to Derek Rathmann, $90,400.
• 84 Steele Circle, Viola M. Taylor to Jarkiewicz Francis Joseph Jr; Laurie Rae Jarkiewicz, $89,900.
• 132 68th St., Michael P. Brierley to Mae Fannie, $85,253.
• 18 Bk B 73rd St., Alex J. Nowocien to Emery W. Finley; Phyllis L. Finley, $83,000.
• 1251 92nd St., Cindy A. Dick to Citimortgage, $60,200.
• Whitney Ave., Marie Bax; Madeline Mattuccilli; Paul A. Mattuccilli to Holly J. Weil, $57,165.
• Orleans Ave., Sheryl L. Hughes; Sheryl L. Lynch to Benjamin N. Walsh, $46,000.
• 78th St., Justin A. Schoelles; Linda M. Schoelles to Theodore Weed Jr., $45,000.
• Lasalle Ave., Mary Fegatilli; Paula Guetta; Nancy A. Mastromatteo to Maria Mercado; Jose Tirado, $45,000.
• 2923 Cleveland Ave., Wells Fargo Bank NA to Peter Joseph Murray, $42,000.
• 1856 Pierce Ave., Marguerite D. Schenk; William C. Schenk III to Kathleen A. Mcmorrow, $37,100.
• 2430 Weston Ave., Caliber Real Estate Services; Lsf8 Master Participation Trust /att; US Bank Trust NA -Tr/att to Mariah A. Wright, $25,500.
• 2484 Willow Ave., Wells Fargo Bank NA to Alfonso Perry, $24,500.
• Livingston Ave., Catherine Demartino; Lawrence Demartino to Nicholas Lebay, $22,700.
• 16th St., Bilwa to Equity Trust Co -Cust; Seaman Ira Kevin, $19,000.
• Duluth St., Carol Ann Godwin; Carol Ann Thibeault to Ralph A. Godwin, $18,000.
• 425 17th St., Mae Fannie; Federal National Mortgage Assoc to Sharon Foster, $16,002.
• Orleans Ave., Bank Midfirst to Inspire Solo 401k Trust, $16,000.
• 4th St., Coryl Yaggie; Florence M. Yaggie; Walter J. Yaggie to Visionary Renovation Properties, $12,000.

• Ohio Ave., Gary W. Internicola; Joy A. Internicola to Daniel Schley; Lisa Schley, $194,500.
• Ohio Ave., Jennifer L. George to Lisa M. Chank; Adam Cyphers, $166,000.
• 623 Wurlitzer Park, Michelle Broughman; Michelle Dauria to Cory Muldowney, $164,000.
• Cedar St., Lisa J. Baronich; William S. Baronich to Victoria Carnduff; Colton Yaple, $117,000.
• Bryant St., Judith M. Weiland to Jenny M. Bielinski, $116,000.
• Walck Rd & Jesella Drive, Jessi L. Doktor; Jessi L. Toepfer to Irene Johnson, $115,000.
• Roncroff Drive, Amanda M. Thurlow; Andrew R. Thurlow to Joshua H. Georger, $111,300.
• Oakdale Drive, Bank of America NA to Gary R. Davignon; Sharon A. Davignon, $111,000.
• Nash Rd & Walck Road, Lisa M. Chank; Adam M. Cyphers to Maura R. Luba, $71,000.
• 113 10th Ave., Susan Kraebel to Bank of New York Mellon, $64,801.
• Felton St., Western New York Property Holdings to Anthony J. Crowley, $60,000.

• Cloverleaf Lane, Ryan Homes of New York to Aaron Cobaugh; Tanya Cobaugh, $367,180.
• Townline Road, Ann Salerno to Mark R. Weis, $160,000.

• L B, Heather T. Millar; Irene Norton to Christopher Michael Sweet; Nina Marie Sweet, $194,670.
• 417 Wingate Place, Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp to Derek A. Defazio; Jamie L. Defazio, $146,000.
• 3rd St., John G. Wright; Natalie H. Wright to Renee Roberts; Sean Roberts, $145,000.
• Cain Road, Lawrence E. Hazel; Shirley M. Hazel to Janice L. Wayland, $124,000.
• Youngstown Lockport Road, Harold E Reubens Living Trust; Harold E. Reubens to Deann Q. Burns, $25,000.
• 3128 Park Ave., Sabra Whipple; Sabra M. Whipple to HSBC Bank USA NA, $21,600.
• East Ave., Victor Szarejko to Cheryl L. Lalli; Roger L. Lalli, $20,500.

• Slayton Settlement Road, Aron C. Drum to Amy M. Drum; Kevin J. Drum, $180,000.

• Errick Road, Irene E. Johnson to Jessica L. Whitlock; Wyman L. Whitlock, $306,000.
• Joanne Court, Renee S. Monaco; Anna Marie Vanoni; David P. Vanoni to Boyd C. Mitchell III; Darnell Mitchell, $235,000.
• Raymond Road, Susan Prohn; Thomas Prohn to Christina R. Herlan; Michael J. Herlan, $226,000.

• Seneca St., Kenneth C. Branch; Margaret Lozaw to Russell I. Perry, $54,900.

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