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Williamsville seeks state grant to put in sidewalks

The Village of Williamsville is seeking $675,000 in state funds to complete the installation of sidewalks in three areas of the village.

It is part of a larger project that the village had begun a few years ago, but never completed, said Deputy Mayor Daniel O. Delano.

"We tried to finish off the grid in areas where we don't have sidewalks and, essentially, ran out of money," Delano said.

The areas include an eastern section of the village, behind the cemetery; an area along Tonawanda Creek, in the central part of the village; and a northern part of the village near Mill Middle School. Delano said, together, they constitute an area of 1.5 linear miles. The village would be required to contribute $135,000 or 20 percent of the total competitive grant, which it would pursue through the state Department of Transportation. The deadline for submitting the application for the Transportation Alternative Program grant was Friday.

"If it's approved, the DOT will conduct a review and engineering, after which construction may start. So this project probably won't happen until the spring of 2018," Delano said.

"Another thing we want to try to work into the design is some pedestrian crosswalks on village streets, like on Mill and Glen avenues," he added.

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