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Vic Carucci's Week Seven NFL Power Rankings

(Through Thursday’s game. Last week’s ranking in parentheses)

1. Minnesota Vikings. Think Sam Bradford’s a little motivated to face the Eagles? (1)

2. New England Patriots. Despite Roethlisberger’s absence, defense can’t go to sleep on the Steelers. (2)

3. Dallas Cowboys. The Dak and Zeke Show keeps on rolling. (4)

4. Seattle Seahawks. Richard Sherman screams in the Seahawks win. (7)

5. Atlanta Falcons. Statistical oddity: Falcons have forced eight fumbles this year, but recovered only one. (3) 

6. Philadelphia Eagles. Carson Wentz’s toughest rookie challenge to date figures to be dealing with the Vikings’ defensive front. (5)

7. Buffalo Bills. Can the Rex Hex on the Dolphins in Miami continue? (10)

8. Green Bay Packers. Nice recovery against the Bears, but it doesn’t prove much. (9)

9. Arizona Cardinals. Tough time to take on a great defense. (12)

10. Washington Redskins. Maybe these guys are for real after all. (13)

11. Denver Broncos. Members of Broncos’ defense are looking forward to some face time with their old pal, Brock Osweiler. (11)

12. Oakland Raiders. This defense just can’t stop anybody. (8)

13. Pittsburgh Steelers. Amazing how fast that Super Bowl contender label disappears without No. 7 at quarterback. (6)

14. New York Giants. Amidst those ugly Josh Brown headlines, the Giants could be turning a corner. (17)

15. Kansas City Chiefs. Jamaal Charles’ swollen knee figures to be a problem in a game against a potent offense. (15)

16. Houston Texans. Brock says the Broncos miss him. Now, he has to prove it. (18)

17. New Orleans Saints. So maybe Rob Ryan wasn’t the main problem with the Saints’ defense last season. (21)

18. Baltimore Ravens. Too banged up and too sloppy. (14)

19. Cincinnati Bengals. Marvin Lewis apparently doesn’t see what the rest of us see in thuggish LB Vontaze Burfict. (19)

20. Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Going to be tough to overcome loss of Vincent Jackson. (20)

21. Carolina Panthers. GM Dave Gettleman taking plenty of heat for post-Super Bowl collapse. (16)

22. Detroit Lions. Jim Caldwell doesn’t want to hear the ‘P’ word. (22)

23. San Diego Chargers. Finishing games has been a problem that must be corrected immediately. (23)

24. Miami Dolphins. Where did that physical running style from Jay Ajayi come from? (29)

25. Tennessee Titans. It’s hard not to be impressed with their sack attack. (26)

26. Jacksonville Jaguars. Offense should be able to find success vs. porous Raiders’ D. (27)

27. Los Angeles Rams. They’re hoping their D-line gets a little healthier in London. (25)

28. New York Jets. Hard to see things getting much better with Geno Smith at QB, but they probably can’t get worse. (24)

29. San Francisco 49ers. The problems with this team clearly go beyond quarterback. (28)

30. Indianapolis Colts. When it comes to sacks, Andrew has no Luck. (30)

31. Chicago Bears. Attention quarterbacks: Send your résumés to John Fox. (31)

32. Cleveland Browns. Well, at least there are the Indians. (32)

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