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Letter: Paladino shouldn’t paint all men with same brush

Paladino shouldn’t paint all men with same brush

Regarding Donald Trump’s statements regarding women, Carl Paladino was recently quoted by The News as stating: “All men look at a pretty girl and say, ‘Wow.’ It’ll be nice to have a president who not only acts human, he is human.”

Paladino goes on to say: “That’s the way men talk. Call it locker room talk … men talk that way.” No, Mr. Paladino, men do not talk that way. Some men talk that way but many – in my experience, most – do not. Please do not paint us with this broad brush. Even if most men did talk this way, it is still wrong. Paladino implies that Trump’s misogynistic behavior shows his humanity.

I think that as humans we should work against the stereotyping, insulting and belittling attitudes that are so well demonstrated by Trump. Paladino says of Trump’s behavior, “It comes nowhere near the travesty of Bill Clinton.” Does that make the behavior OK? Is Bill Clinton running for president?

Greg Valentine


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