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Letter: Independent traffic study sorely needed in Amherst

Independent traffic study sorely needed in Amherst

Amherst traffic is becoming more horrendous as more development is being squeezed into every open area.

A townwide traffic study has not been done since the mid-1990s. It is long overdue. There has been a glut of development over the past several years. Shoe-horned developments feeding into arterials are viewed as “no impact.” This is ludicrous. It is the cumulative effect throughout Amherst and Williamsville that is producing horrific and dangerous traffic.

The development du jour being contemplated for Amherst is “Imagine Amherst,” a high-density, urban-development concept. It is an attempt to change the zoning codes throughout Amherst, so developers can move into a neighborhood, declare it suitable for their mixed-use plan and proceed without input from neighbors.

The Hyatt Hotel on Main Street, in a residential neighborhood, will be the norm, not the exception. This urban-plan development will extend and further stress the traffic conditions.

An independent, townwide traffic study needs to be done to evaluate the existing situation before additional development is allowed. Increasing density in Williamsville and Amherst without addressing the traffic problems is making it exceedingly treacherous for motorists, cyclists and pedestrians. Our leaders need to consider the safety of residents over the pockets of developers.

Judy Ferraro


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