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Letter: Don’t attack Paladino for standing by Trump

Don’t attack Paladino for standing by Trump

We all have friends who have said or done the wrong thing. Carl Paladino is not only a Donald Trump supporter; they’re friends. We should all have a “ride or die” friend who stands by us when we make a mistake. Trump joked 11 years ago as a private citizen. He was not a politician at the time. And Rex Ryan is supporting Trump as a private citizen, not on behalf of the Bills.

We have all laughed at, or told, a racial or dirty joke. Howard Stern’s raunchy humor made his radio show No. 1 for years. Some of the same protesters who are calling for Paladino to be removed from the School Board failed to protest when African-Americans, including the mayor and Council president, were called the “N” word.

Call a Caucasian woman a bimbo or dumb blonde, and she’s going to HR to file a report. Call an African-American woman the “B” word or worse, and nobody cares. If you don’t like vocal protests and you don’t like visual protests, such as kneeling or raising a fist, then offer an alternative. But don’t expect people to remain silent and hope the problem goes away.

Simon Cowell often told Jennifer Hudson she was overweight. Why can’t Trump say the same thing to a beauty contestant?

Bill Clinton had affairs with women and lied about it. President Obama can keep Clinton as a friend, but Paladino can’t keep Trump as his friend?

Don’t forget that we have all done things that we hope, on judgment day, our best friend up above will forgive us for.

Lavinia G. Hairston


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