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Editorial: Collins takes the high road, comic relief from Putin and a gain for driverless cars

Good for Chris Collins. Although the congressman from Clarence remains a devoted supporter of Donald Trump, he had the wisdom to see that Trump was threatening to upend confidence in our democracy with his reckless and unfounded claims of a “rigged” election and his threat not to accept the results of the November vote.

With his comments, Collins joined a chorus of Republicans who understood the danger in Trump’s remarks. Some are also worried that they will hurt down-ballot Republicans, as the party seeks to retain control of Congress.

That’s a real concern for Republicans, but the larger threat is to the essential American tradition of accepting the results of an election and encouraging the peaceful transfer of power. It was good to see Collins quickly join those who perceived the danger of Trump’s remarks.

Of less real danger, and infinitely funnier, was Russia’s offer to help monitor elections here. Picking up on Trump’s blather about rigged elections, Russia – which may never in its history have conducted a clean election – has suggested that it could be of use in ensuring a fair vote here.]

Russia has already done its part to meddle in the presidential election, cozying up to Trump, hacking into Democratic email accounts and breaching state voter databases. Now it seems the Kremlin wants to try some tampering at close range.

Nice try, Vlad.

The future has arrived. At a time when self-driving cars remain a tantalizing vision, Tesla is zooming ahead. The company headed by entrepreneur Elon Musk announced this week that every new Tesla will come with the hardware necessary to support full autonomous driving.

It won’t be cheap, since the most affordable Tesla starts at more than $100,000. But with the company’s bid to buy SolarCity – whose giant South Buffalo plant is nearing completion and is also owned by Musk – Western New York is clearly in the technological driver’s seat.

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