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What They Said: Transcripts of Bills coaches Rex Ryan, Anthony Lynn and Dennis Thurman

Head coach Rex Ryan

Opening Statement: These guys did not participate in practice: Marcell (Dareus) with a hamstring, (Seantrel) Henderson back, Shady (LeSean McCoy) with a hamstring, (Robert) Woods foot, (Jerome) Felton back. All these guys were limited: (Charles) Clay ankle, (Lerentee) McCray knee, (Kevon) Seymour shoulder, (Patrick) Lewis knee, (Cordy) Glenn ankle, Kyle Williams neck. Guys who were full today: Corey White shoulder and (Cyrus) Kouandjio ankle. All right guys.

Q: What did you find out about the prognosis of LeSean?

A: Yeah I mean not much more, we’ll see how he progresses. You know how I’m going to do this—with how he progresses the next couple of days. But, you know, he was out here, able to watch practice. But hopefully we get him back.

Q: Is it a strain? What did they find out what the tightness was from?

A: Nah—it wasn’t like it was full blown or anything like that. But we’ll just see. They’re giving him treatment and we’re hopeful that he’ll play Sunday.

Q: Is it the same hamstring as last year?

A: Good question. Next question. (laughs) No, I have no idea. Sorry, I don’t.

Q: What have you seen from Kiko Alonso? He’s got a lot of tackles. Does he look like the same player who had a good rookie year here a few years back?

A: Well yeah, he’s always been a guy that can run and hit. Very instinctive player. So, he’s a good player.

Q: Given the struggles that LeSean McCoy had coming back from that hamstring and all that last year, just the word hamstring and something tightness, does that just put up a red flag of worry in your mind knowing what he can do and what he went through last year?

A: Well yeah, I think so. I know it scares every Buffalo Bill fan because right away we go back to last year and things so hopefully it’s not to that extent. I don’t believe it is.

Q: You said yesterday that there wasn’t a whole lot of concern with Robert Woods’ foot. Someone said he was in the locker room yesterday with a walking boot on. Is that still something that could keep him out Sunday?

A:  Well I don’t think there’s a huge concern long-term, but there’s—I said that I think the fact that he don’t practice I don’t think is a good sign. You know but that doesn’t mean any of these guys, none of them are ruled out for Sunday.

Q: Reggie Ragland, we saw him today. You probably saw him more than we do, and he looked like he was walking pretty good. Can you give us an update on where he’s at?

A: He’s great. Yeah he comes up there more than any other player. I mean he literally is—he’s so dialed into the game plan, everything else. I mean he’s living in the coach’s offices. He’s everything you want him to be. He’s trying. He knows he can’t play but he’s right there with them and he does all his rehabbing and you know 100 miles an hour so he’s going to have a full recovery.

Q: How much has Marcell Dareus been able to do? We know he hasn’t practiced, but even on the sides.

A: Trust me, he’s working. He’s working his tail off. He was the first guy in the building a few days in a row so he’s working it to get back on that field as fast as he can. Hopefully that’ll be Sunday. I don’t know if it will but he’s working extremely hard. He’s over there with (Eric) Ciano and company, you know obviously, even before practice so he’s working hard.

Q: Given the fact he had two and a half practices, maybe three, before he hurt his hamstring, do you want to see him on the practice field before you want to test him out to see how he does in a game?

A: Well that would be an ideal situation but he’s in tune with the gameplan and like I said, if you’re a really good player then sometimes we don’t need to see practice.

Q: With Shaq Lawson, what have you seen in him?

A: Oh yeah, I think he’s going to play.

Q: What have you seen from Shaq?

A: I’ve seen enough. Yeah, he looks pretty darn good out there. So he’s flying around and he looks like the guy that we drafted. You know, the guy that we wanted him to be. So we’ll see how—once we get the live games going and all that but there’s a reason we took him in the first round and he’s showing that on the practice field.

Q: Are you surprised to see him? You seemed pretty hesitant at the beginning of the week and now you seem pretty sure.

A: I’m pretty sure. I mean I’m overstepping my bounds by saying he’s going to be up but I just need one phone call to Whales (Doug Whaley). He’s going to be up.

Q: What do you like about Mike Gillislee?

A:  Everything. You know he’s—I remember when we first—the only thing I don’t like about him is he ran a poor 40 out of college or something. He had a little hamstring issue and ran like a 4.5 something. Man, you’re the fastest slow guy I’ve ever met. He goes “coach I was way faster than that.” He ran a bad 40. But no I like everything. He’s got vision. He can catch the football. He does everything and like I say, before I called him TD Mike because that’s all he did. Scoring TD’s. But he’s really a good back.

Q: How does Reggie Bush feel lining up as a slot receiver?

A: Reggie? Well we’ve got him, you know, he’s a running back for us but can we put him out of the backfield? Absolutely. He’s done it all his career. You know, he does give you a little bit of that weapon also.


OC Anthony Lynn

Q: When LeSean McCoy leaves practice yesterday, what are your worries, fears, concerns or thoughts about not having him on Sunday?

A:  Well I don’t want to do what we did last year. I don’t want him playing 85 percent, reinjuring the hamstring and then this thing lingers all year. So you just want to get him well, get him back on the field but at this point in the season, nobody is 100 percent.

Q: What can you tell us about Mike Gillislee and the type of running back he is if he’s forced into a bigger role on Sunday?

A: Well I mean, I think Mike is, he has shown what type of running back he is. You know, he’s been highly productive for us and he’s been a solid backup, and I have all the confidence in the world that if his role has to increase, then he’ll do a good job.

Q: Can you sense from him, just from working with him the last two years that he’s sort of been itching for an opportunity?

A: Yeah I think any backup is itching for opportunities. But Mike has worked hard and he’s prepared, and if he’s got to step in as the number one guy, I have a lot of confidence in him.

Q: You referenced LeSean McCoy’s situation last year. Will that guide your thinking this year?

A: Sure it will. Last year, it was a week to week thing and I don’t want to do that anymore. I want him on the field healthy and ready to go. I want him to be LeSean.

Q: Did you see anything Miami was doing different against Pittsburgh? In weeks leading up, they were struggling against the run.

A: I don’t know how they struggled against the run because they have a talented defense. With Cam Wake, with Ndamukong Suh and with Kiko (Alonso), those guys are very good against the run. They’re always making plays. I think we’re going to have our hands full.

DC Dennis Thurman

Q: Rex Ryan sounded very confident that Shaq Lawson would play on Sunday and he was very impressed in what he’s seen from Shaq on the practice field so far. What have you seen from him and how excited are you to see what he can do in an NFL game?

A:  Well, we’ll go with what coach (Rex Ryan) said. Whatever he says is what we’re going with. But Shaq is more excited than all of us, you know? So we’ll see what happens. Can’t predict what’ll happen but he’s got to go out and play.

Q: Well what have you seen from him on the field?

A: Trying to do his job.

Q: How much is Marcell Dareus able to do right now?

A: I mean he hasn’t been out here. So I mean, when he’s cleared to go, you know, he’ll be out here. Right now obviously not enough to get out here.

Q: How often has it been that a guy misses five months, and a rookie no less, and hasn’t played since the national championship?

A: It’s not—I mean, it happens, and I have no expectation of how well he’ll play. You don’t know. So to try to answer that question, I think we’ll see on Sunday. Some guys can take off and be out and come back, and who knows. We’ll find out on Sunday.

Q: When you look at Ryan Tannehill, what are the biggest challenges he presents?

A: Well I mean first of all, you can tell he’s improved. He seems much more confident in what they’re asking him to do. He’s throwing the ball with confidence. Seems to have a really good relationship with 14 (Jarvis Landry) and they have nice receivers outside and (Kenny) Stills and (DeVante) Parker. You know, we have a job to do on Sunday. It’s not going to be easy.

Provided by the Buffalo Bills.


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