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Letter: Trump’s accomplishments are nothing to brag about

Trump’s accomplishments are nothing to brag about

A suggested list of Donald Trump’s accomplishments:

• Doesn’t pay his workers what he says he will.

• Uses bankruptcy as a successful business strategy.

• Instills anger, hatred and violence, saying he will put people who cross him in jail.

• Walks into contestant dressing rooms when they are naked so he can inspect Miss Universe clients.

• Has three marriages, and boasted of an affair while married.

• Has a grasp of important issues that is as deep as a birdbath.

• Picks fights with journalists, threatens to silence the media and jail his opponent – he is a tyrant.

• Has the speaker of the House, whose support he would need, now ignoring him and speaking out against his lewd remarks.

The “Circle of Life” in the movie “The Lion King” presents a motto for living well: “You should never take more than you give.” Trump is a taker, not a giver.

I already voted for Hillary Clinton with an absentee ballot because I will be in Pennsylvania driving Clinton supporters to the polls on Nov. 8. Maybe others will consider doing the same so America can continue to be great.

Marguerite Battaglia


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