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Letter: Trump should realize that words do matter

Trump should realize that words do matter

Some writers have called Donald Trump the heir of Roy Cohn and Joseph McCarthy. This is not hyperbole, unlike Trump’s “hyperbolic truth.”

After continually trying to delegitimize the Obama presidency, Trump is now trying to delegitimize the future presidency if he doesn’t win. Heads I win; tails you lose. If I win, America will be great; if I lose, it’s because America doesn’t work.

Trump has urged his minions to head to the polls to prevent others (American citizens not voting for him) from “stealing” the election. What kind of intimidation and violence is he inviting ? Trump supporters have called for “revolution” and even mentioned “assassination” at a rally.

When Trump was asked at the second debate about his grabbing women by their genitals, he claimed it was “just words.”

Words matter! Words influence people and their actions. Our Constitution is “just words.” Our Bill of Rights is “just words.”

The actions that these words inspire make America great.

The actions Trump’s word inspire make America dangerous again, just like those of his progenitors, Cohn and McCarthy, did in the 1950s.

Marilyn Feuerstein


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