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Letter: Trump appears to have seven deadly sins covered

Trump appears to have seven deadly sins covered

Recently I remembered something I read in religion class at Grove City College many years ago. It was about the seven deadly sins. 1) Pride: excessive belief in oneself. 2) Gluttony: the desire to consume more than is necessary. 3) Lust: excessive craving for pleasures of the body. 4) Anger: spurns love and opts for fury. 5) Greed: excessive desire for material wealth. 6) Sloth: avoidance of physical or spiritual work. 7) Envy: the desire for others’ status or place.

Do these failings remind you of someone in the public eye? Someone who: 1) Is sure only he can cut taxes, expand the military, reduce the debt, build a wall and make Mexico pay for it. 2) Owns multiple residences, including one on Pennsylvania Avenue, and multiple aircraft and limos. 3) Brags about groping women, single or married, because his fame entitles him. 4) Says his future attorney general will jail his current political opponent on his say so. 5) Claims he makes millions of dollars but won’t release his tax returns and is proud he doesn’t pay income tax. 6) Won’t study or prepare for nationally televised debates. 7) Craves the most powerful position in the world, and if he doesn’t win, claims the system is rigged against him.

There was a time when such sins were unforgivable. Have we drifted so far from our spiritual roots that we would elect such a person president? What an uplifting moment it would be if he were soundly defeated.

Henry Danielson


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