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Letter: Republicans are caving at the slightest challenge

Republicans are caving at the slightest challenge

After the events of the past week, I believe that there are many rank-and-file members of the Republican Party who are asking the question, “What is wrong with the alleged leaders of my party?” At the first moment of conflict, when it seemed that Trump could be facing some campaign difficulty, major players in the Republican Party not only caved, they ran.

Perhaps this explains why President Obama was able to achieve almost every one of his objectives and do so with very little resistance from the Republicans in both houses of Congress. Clearly, these elected officials are concerned not for our nation; rather, they have opted to do whatever necessary to preserve their own power. At the slightest challenge, they retreat, refuse to fight, throw down their weapons and choose to run.

Who are these leaders who serve in the “greatest deliberative body in the world?” Facing even the slightest conflict that may be damaging to their chances at re-election is not in their DNA. Nor are loyalty, courage and integrity.

Nicholas D. Mecca


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