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Letter: Reed does good job for his constituents

Reed does good job for his constituents

Do you believe the promises of someone who doesn’t have a track record of knowing how to keep those promises?

Having worked in government before moving here, I learned that it’s a different world in Congress. Knowing how to work with other members makes the difference in representing us, yet no representative can accomplish everything he sets out to do. Legislation is a long and winding process that takes time and patience.

That’s why I support Rep. Tom Reed. We can’t agree with everything anyone does in any walk of life. But to keep a knowledgeable member of Congress representing us is of more value than buying into only promises.

Every time we have contacted Reed’s office with a question or for assistance with an issue facing our business or something in the community, the response has been helpful and efficient. Keeping in contact with your legislative representatives is the key to success for us and them. Simply complaining is a vicious circle, with the complainer achieving nothing.

Carol Strassburg Doolittle


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