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Letter: Election offers chance to bulldoze D.C. elite

Election offers chance to bulldoze D.C. elite

Citizens have been complaining, and rightfully so, for many years that D.C. has become too powerful, that their voices aren’t being heard and that only the rich are being taken care of.

So this year, for maybe the first time ever, we have a non-establishment politician. A candidate in Donald Trump, who owes nothing to special interests, who isn’t owned by the D.C. elite, who will fight for all Americans with the simple concepts of restoring law and order, fiscal responsibility and common-sense regulation.

When you see that even his own party, for the most part, is against him, you have all the proof you need that D.C. is more worried about keeping this elite club together versus doing what’s right for the country.

We have learned from this election that the media are part of this elite club, as they are ignoring truths about Hillary Clinton’s actions, all so they can attack Trump.

Anyone who has a brain can see this year is about keeping the D.C. elite club intact on steroids with Clinton, or taking a bulldozer to D.C. and exposing all the corruption, lies and backroom deals that have cost the American people dearly by voting for Trump.

With all the complaining over many years, you would think Trump would win in a landslide. The problem is, people are clinging to their political party, which is the very reason we are in this mess in the first place. It’s time to start thinking about cause and effect and the future of our country versus political affiliation. When will people learn?

Martin J. Dziwulski


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