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Letter: Consider consequences of a Trump presidency

Consider consequences of a Trump presidency

Donald Trump is a TV celebrity and many viewers of “The Apprentice” and beauty pageants think they know him.

What would happen if Trump is elected president of the United States and how would it affect voters?

There would be another tax decrease for the top 1 percent. Many rich people would continue to evade taxes, military service and punishment for crimes.

The media, internet, TV, newspapers and magazines could be controlled by the government.

If any candidate, elected representative or citizen opposes Trump’s policies, he or she could be put in jail.

Social Security would be privatized. The working poor may not collect in the future.

For all working persons, the minimum wage would not be raised to $15 an hour. The hike could cost jobs, but it would allow people to earn a living wage.

Women’s pay would not be equal to men’s pay for doing the same job.

Student loans would not be reduced and the educational system would be controlled.

If health care is eliminated, what would take its place?

Immigration reform would not happen and families would be broken by sending parents back to their countries of origin.

Trump has refused to release his tax returns. Those returns would show how his investments in foreign countries could affect our economy.

Trump likes Russian President Vladimir Putin. Russia is trying to influence the 2016 election by hacking our voting system.

Kathleen Warren


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