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Letter: Clintons are involved in too many scandals

Clintons are involved in too many scandals

I am disappointed with Donald Trump’s philandering, but Bill Clinton makes him seem like minor league. Unfortunately, there is only one way Hillary Clinton could tolerate his behavior. She is cut from the same sleazy cloth. The Clintons have been involved in many scandals: Chinagate, Travelgate, Whitewater, Vince Foster’s death, Filegate, cattle futures, Lootergate, Ponzi scheme, Benghazi, Clinton Foundation, impeachment and accusations of rape.

We thought Richard Nixon was bad. I am so sorry the Clintons left the White House in debt, but I would love to compare the tax returns of both candidates, from the early years to becoming wealthy. Who was more creative: Trump or the Clintons?

When I think of the behavior of politicians, I also think of many actors. What would we do without their endorsements? We would be lost without the liberal late-night talk show hosts spouting their expert opinions. They should rejoice that the Clintons chose politics over acting, because they would dominate on all the awards shows.

I am a registered Republican, but I am disappointed that so many of my party’s leaders are ignoring the results from the primary. My fellow Republicans should feel cheated by their party. I am going to vote for Trump on the Conservative line. In the future, I will not be affiliated with any party.

Michael Lischer


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