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Letter: Clinton will continue awful liberal policies

Clinton will continue awful liberal policies

There is no excusing what Donald Trump has said in the past. I am a Trump supporter who was very disturbed and disappointed with his words. No one can explain away Trump’s morals, arrogance and self-centeredness, and his uncanny ability to engage his mouth before his brain.

But let us not forget who Trump is not: a polished politician who will say whatever is necessary to get votes. Consider who Trump truly is: a very successful businessman, which is exactly what this country needs at this time. Trump is a leader who will say “you’re fired” to anyone who is not doing his job. If you don’t do your job now in government, you are either promoted or placed in another position. If businesses were run like the government, we would have no businesses in this country, period!

So, if you want bigger government, open borders, welfare for all illegals, government-run health care, higher unemployment, higher taxes, more of our jobs going out of our country and, most importantly, a highly liberal Supreme Court that will undoubtedly be with us, our children and grandchildren for many years to come, then cast your vote for Hillary Clinton.

I ask everyone to think seriously before casting a vote for president this November. If you want at least four more years of President Obama’s policies (probably worse), then vote for Clinton. If you want change for the better, then you have no choice but to vote for Trump.

Ken LaDue


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