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Letter: Year-round classes reduce family time

Year-round classes reduce family time

In response to the letter in support of having year-round school, the writer was way off base. First, most readers in Western New York were the product of two months off for the summer. Summer camps, summer memories of traveling, a summer job and staying at other family members’ homes were common. We still had a great education, and we built a great country! It worked for me and my friends.

My sister and her family had year-round school in another state and, with four kids, we could never have even a week to share with everybody because her kids were all on different schedules. Trying to look at a calendar didn’t work. For 15 years, she missed out, or we did.

If some people want to go to school year-round, great, that’s their opinion. But remember the most important thing: all work and no play is not healthy. The bigger issues are parents being part of the educational process, getting kids to school, doing homework and being in the house when dark. There is no secret. Parents want someone else to teach and monitor their kids when they should be part of it, like I was and like my folks were.

Schools also need to teach kids in high school what they are interested in. Kids need to learn the 3 R’s, but they also need to be exposed to the jobs and careers that interest them so they can see what they want to do when they grow up, not what we tell them to be.

Joe Zee


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