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Letter: We must speak up, protect the unborn

We must speak up, protect the unborn

Abortion has been a controversy since the decision of Roe v. Wade. There are those who argue for the right of women to choose regarding their own bodies, while others try to defend the right of the unborn child. It is even argued about at which point in time a fetus should be considered a real human being.

By our own beliefs and as guaranteed by our Constitution, we hold life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness as very dear. When we speak of a woman’s right to decide, who then speaks for the right of the unborn child in the womb? Are they not two separate lives to be valued equally? Is it not our responsibility to protect all life, including the voiceless?

Years ago, when my wife had a miscarriage about 3½ months into her term, the loss was tragic for both of us. When the doctor quietly asked me whether I wished to see the body, I was not prepared for the impact that resulted from seeing this quiet little baby boy. Although he was only about 6 or 7 inches in length, he was a perfect little human being. It was then that I fully realized the loss of this precious life for whom we hadn’t even chosen a name.

We were ultimately blessed with three wonderful children and seven grandchildren who continue to add much joy and meaning to our lives.

All too often, an unborn baby is referred to as a fetus, as if the young being were a mere plant. Unfortunately, promiscuity has become all too common and acceptable and is greatly promoted by our entertainment industry. Actions do have consequences, especially so when it pertains to unwanted pregnancies. If we create life, then we must also accept responsibility for caring and protecting the same by both parents. Unfortunately, the most innocent life in the womb all too often become the casualty. Unless we speak on their behalf, they will have no voice and no future.

Fred Bonisch

West Seneca

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