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Letter: Those who defend Trump send the wrong message

Those who defend Trump send the wrong message

The latest revelation about Donald Trump’s criminal behavior with women is not surprising based on everything he has said and done during this campaign. What is surprising is that many Republicans still support him.

Trump’s behavior is being chalked up to “boys will be boys.” Is that really what we want to teach our sons? Do we really want them to think of women as conquests? Do we really want them to grab women and violate them in such vulgar ways? Do we really want our own mothers, wives, sisters and daughters to be vulnerable to men in this way?

If Trump were a Democrat, there would be calls from these same Republicans for him to be investigated and jailed. Men like Carl Paladino and Rep. Chris Collins need to stop mouthing platitudes and start standing up for what is right. They tell us who they are when they defend Trump. And it isn’t pretty.

Those who defend this behavior, and many of Trump’s other behaviors, are not fit for leadership in this country they say they love. If you are worried about what is happening with the United States, our bankrupt leadership is the first place to look, not at African-Americans or poor people or immigrants or any of the other scapegoats the Republicans are putting in front of us.

Cynthia Lehman


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