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Letter: Extreme liberalism is destroying nation

Extreme liberalism is destroying nation

What is going on in this country – outrage over comments? What do people expect of others? They are allowed by the networks that control the viewing of this nation’s entertainment to be bombarded with every sexual innuendo in the name of entertainment. They are allowed to view graphic scenes of every sort of violence, all in the name of artful expression. They are showered with commercials depicting the pleasure derived from vaginal creams and condoms. They have a president who defended his sexual exploits against impeachment by trying to define the word “is” as if that made it less wrong.

The entertainment and music industries can make the most graphic use of their media all in the name of entertainment and artistic freedom, yet condemn others for their anti-liberal ideals. Babies can be torn from the wombs of mothers, but it is their right to abort. Protesters can destroy private property and the livelihoods of the storekeepers and businesses that rely on them, but that is their right to protest. Gay and lesbian groups can rally and march with nipple rings and butt cheeks exposed, but decry someone’s comments made in private conversation that was not for public consumption.

We are losing our freedoms, and will lose more if we do not correct ourselves, our country. I have watched this wonderful land slip into extreme liberalism and it scares me. Men like Carl Paladino, who speak out but hold public office, are easy targets of these extremists who want to protect their own ideology with total disregard of the eventual consequences. Keep America great and keep America free.

Paul J. Ziolkowski


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