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Vic Carucci's Bills Wake-Up Call: Fans should try to sit back & enjoy the ride

I'll admit I wasn't all that crazy about Terry Pegula saying in a radio interview last August that, as far as he was concerned, the Buffalo Bills have been out of the playoffs for only one year.

I knew what he meant and that he was technically correct: 2015 was the Bills' first full season that he and his wife, Kim, owned the team.

But troubling/insulting/tone deaf as that might have come across to fans who have agonized through 16 years of no playoffs, there was plenty of validity to the man's point.

He doesn't want to be burdened by something for which he was not responsible. He doesn't want that for the Bills' current coaches, player-personnel staff, or anyone on the roster, either.

To his way of thinking, the Pegula Bills were 8-8 at the time of his separation rationalization, which means they're now 12-10. They're also on their first four-game winning streak in eight years. They're also looking very much like a viable playoff contender in the wide-open AFC.

Yes, this is really happening. And, yes, Bills fans should really try to allow themselves to enjoy it.

Of course, that's impossible, right? Holding onto the past is what the Bills' faithful does. Sixteen years of seeing hope melt into disappointment has created such a thick shell of cynicism, it can't be penetrated by anything positive. Anything like Sunday's 45-16 beat-down of the San Francisco 49ers when the Bills, thanks to LeSean McCoy and a dominant offensive line, put up the kind of rushing numbers that haven't been seen since the team was making annual trips to the Super Bowl.

Go ahead and do what a lot of skeptics are doing and point to the weakness of the opponents -- the soft defenses and poor quarterbacks they've faced. It doesn't change the fact that, after the 0-2 stumble that set off all of those "here-we-go-again" alarms, the Bills have won four games in convincing fashion. I can think of a whole bunch of NFL cities that would be more than a little giddy about such an accomplishment.

Go ahead and fret about the potential for impending disaster in the remaining 10 games. And while you're at it, wring your hands about all of those other early season teases that went nowhere.

Here are some hard facts: The defense has had only one stinker in six games, and it's about to be joined by first-round draft pick Shaq Lawson -- the guy being replaced by NFL sack leader Lorenzo Alexander. The running game is, once again, the best in the league. And McCoy, the league's second-leading rusher, is even better than he was after arriving in Buffalo a year ago. The special teams have been outstanding.

No, there aren't enough big plays being made in the passing game, but Tyrod Taylor is far from terrible. He's doing what you want your quarterback to do when he has a strong running game and a solid defense -- taking care of the football, making smart decisions -- while providing the added dimension of being a constant threat with his legs.

I hate to break it to those who steadfastly refuse to let go of the notion that nothing good can ever possibly last with your team, but what the Bills have going is sustainable.

Try enjoying it for a change.

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