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Letter: UB Foundation, university are separate, distinct entities

UB Foundation, university are separate, distinct entities

Shared governance at the University at Buffalo Foundation already exists in our bylaws and, just as important, in practice as the UBF members currently include representatives of the university at its highest levels.

Changing our existing shared governance model to add representatives from the faculty senate, the professional staff senate or the student body, as some have suggested, would be unnecessary since university interests are already well represented.

Furthermore, involving the foundation in internal university matters concerning the faculty senate, the professional staff senate, the student body and the administration would be in conflict with the mission of the foundation. It is not our role, nor should it be our role, to get involved in university matters especially as it pertains to faculty. That is best left to internal governance at the university.

The fundamental fact remains that the foundation and the university are separate and distinct entities.

Regardless, the foundation remains resolute in advancing the University at Buffalo’s mission of research, scholarship, service and educational excellence, and in turn helping the university expand its reputation as a leading national and international public research institution.

Francis M. Letro

Chairman, UB Foundation

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