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Five takeaways from a talk with Sen. Schumer

Sen. Charles E. Schumer  came to The Buffalo News Tuesday for a meeting with the editorial board. Here are five takeaways from his talk:

-- Tesla Motors' plan to team up with Panasonic to make solar cells and modules at SolarCity's plant in Buffalo is "a godsend" for the plant, Schumer said. He said the deal makes it more likely that Tesla shareholders will approve a merger with SolarCity, while also boosting prospects for the Buffalo plant, which is set to open next year.

-- Democrats have "a good chance" of gaining control of the U.S. Senate in November's election -- a move that would make Schumer majority leader next year.

-- Compromise in Congress will be key to changing the public's mood after the election. "If we have another four years of gridlock, the anger, the frustration, the sourness is going to cascade," Schumer said. "And 2020 could make 2016 look tame."

-- The new Congress should have four legislative priorities, Schumer said: immigration reform, an infrastructure bill, increased funding for scientific research and a higher minimum wage.

-- "The Obama administration is doing a very good job on ISIS," using drone warfare to take out the terror group's leaders, Schumer said.

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