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What They Said: Transcript of Rex Ryan's Monday press conference

Head Coach Rex Ryan

Opening statement:

Looking at the game obviously we played extremely well in all phases and you know I’m proud of the effort. We knew defensively you have to be really sound when you are facing that zone read, that Chip Kelly type offense. You got to be sound, you got to tackle well and for the most part I thought we did a really good job of it, especially in those types of runs. (Colin) Kaepernick did you know have a big day rushing but a lot of it was through scrambles. It wasn’t necessarily designed runs. So I thought we did a good job and I thought our back end, we played a lot of man coverage. Different kind of man coverages but our guys I thought played extremely well. So that was good to see. Then up front offensively I think is where it started. Our offensive line continues to play well and we are able to open up some holes, then there are other times where Shady (LeSean McCoy) had to do some things on there on which he did. Overall it was a good day. I thought we were efficient in the passing game and that is what we needed to be and then our quarterback made some big runs on some scrambles as well. Special teams wise again, we thought we had an advantage going into the game on special teams and I think it kind of played out that way for us. With that I will open it up for questions.

Q: Hand the ball to LeSean and lean on your defense, is that a fair assessment of what you have been doing?

A: Well I think we are doing a lot of creative things when we do run the football. Multiple formations, personnel groupings, tackles overs, unbalanced lines, all kind of things, direct snaps, options. So you are getting the whole gambit there. I think that has been really good for us, keeps defenses off balance. And then I think we are doing probably a better job than maybe it looks like yardage wise in throwing the football. So I think we have been efficient and I think we are protecting the ball as well. So I think overall we are playing darn pretty good on offense. On defense that was a game we didn’t blitz a whole lot. We did blitz a few times, obviously the third and one, the back to back third and one and fourth and one plays. We were blitzing, had some run calls in there. Guys did a great job executing that. Really we were kind of letting our back end, you know do there and rushing four for most of the game.

Q: You mentioned yesterday it is pretty boring how you guys are playing but it has been successful?

A: Yeah, but boring is good. I mean for us because the style of play. We don’t have to throw it 50 times a game. Quite honestly if we are throwing the ball 50 times a game we are getting beat, and getting beat badly. We do want to throw the ball with efficiency and I think we do that. But we also like to establish the run, I think that opens up things for you.

Q: Any update on Charles Clay?

A: I really have no updates. That is what kind what we were looking, looking to get an update. Really don’t have any new news on Charles or (Kevon) Seymour.

Q: Shaq Lawson can return to practice this week, will he practice and play?

A: We will see if it he plays, but we will have him back on Wednesday. He will start practicing with our team and we will see where he is at. That is…I guess it is hard to image, he hasn’t had one day of practice, an NFL practice. He has not had one day in NFL practice, but we will see how he is. Then we will look at it as the week goes on to see if he will play. I thought initially we waited this long for our first round pick, but we got to do the smart thing and what is best for the young man also.

Q: (Marcus) Easley and (Kolby) Listenbee, will they return this week as well?

A: I don’t believe so.

Q: What do you think it a realistic expectation for a guy like Lawson who hasn’t practice yet?

A: I don’t know if we can say for this week but I think moving forward I think is get in there give some, spell some guys, and then maybe can he play in the sub team? Can he do different things? We are going to find out. We know he is a really good talent and I think combined with the players that we have, I think it will be good. I think as far as saying well is he a starter, well no he is not going to start now. I think Lorenzo Alexander has earned that. But we are going to work Shaq in there now.

Q: How big of a benefit is it to have Lorenzo so you can ease Shaq in there?

A: It is absolutely terrific for us. The other thing is the type of guys Jerry Hughes, Lorenzo Alexander, that will be the best thing that happens for Shaq (Lawson). The fact you know Bobby April, Rob (Ryan) obviously, Jeff Weeks, maybe not Weeks as much. I mean he is going to benefit a lot from these guys.

Q: How tough is it to stay disciplined against an option even at this level?

A: Well you know it is funny, we had one case where we had the thing played perfect but then Preston (Brown) thought he gave the ball. Well no he didn’t, he kept it and then oh shoot he came back and then he got an eight yard run on us or something. But yeah it is assignment if you have the quarterback, play quarterback. If you have the dive, you got to play the dive. All those types of things or it just takes one or two times to be out of position and they can really hurt you with those plays.

Q: There was an earlier one Zach played perfect, does that really make you happy when you see it on film?

A: Yeah we had several of those as the game went on. We did…it is funny because I thought we were on our heels a little bit in the first half. I never thought we were playing very well on defense. Then when you look at it and you had a chance to think and as the half wore on I was like shoot, then we were talking to the coaches, DT (Dennis Thurman) and all those guys we felt we just had to calm down a little bit and play our defense and just play a little better. And that is what we did, there were no adjustments what so ever at half time. It was just let’s calm down, and get a little bit better and we did. It is just that (Colin) Kaepernick was making so many plays. It was almost drop back and run. That is where he was making some plays. They had a couple of plays on the speed sweep, you know, we got to do a little better job on, but I thought we settled in and played really well.

Q: You’ve established a running identity. How much do you think that will catch up to you as teams start to come up with plays to defend against it?

A: Well I think last year we led the league in rushing also. So I don’t think it’s a great surprise that we’re having success running the football. You only have 11 on defense so we’ve pretty much seen everything. I think with how we do things offensively, will we get some guys maybe out of position, coming up out of coverage and trying to support the run? That’s a possibility. So when that happens you can be vulnerable on other things.

Q: Where do things stand with Marcel Dareus?

A: We’ll see how it goes. That hamstring kept him out of this game. It’s crazy. We spent a third of this season already and he hadn’t been out there. It’s also a positive thing in that we have to get the big dude back. Hopefully it’s sooner than later. There’s really no timetable for him that I’ve talked with our trainers about or anything else. It just has to get better.

Q: With Lesean McCoy suffering the scare are you going to going to give him some rest this week?

A: His knee is fine. It was just below the knee. He’s fine.

Q: Have you seen on film anything the Dolphins did yesterday against Pittsburgh?

A: I’ve seen a few things. I don’t even know what the young man’s name is. Yeah, you know darn well there’s no way I can pronounce it. But, man oh man, he had like 200 yards rushing against Pittsburgh. So it’s like, that’s pretty darn impressive. They have their entire line back, they’re healthy. And, yeah, this guy just, woo, he was just ripping it. We obviously have to get a great plan for that. They have a lot of weapons at receiver. Especially with (Jarvis) Landry, you guys know how I feel about him. I think he’s one of the best players in the game. Not just receiver. If you’re going to play football just stick him out there, that’s a football player. And then that (DeVante) Parker kid has a bunch of talent and that (Kenny) Stills is a burner. So they have weapons, there’s no doubt about that. There’s a lot of money in that offensive line, too.

Q: Ideally, when Shaq Lawson gets back up to speed, what type of role do you envision for him?

A: You earn everything you get in this league but he’ll have an opportunity to get in there and play and hopefully you can spell Jerry and Lorenzo some in base situations and then probably contribute heavily on the sub team as well, our pass rush team.

Q: What have you seen from John Miller?

A: I think he’s been playing as good as, I mean the combination of him and Richie Incognito are playing as good as it gets at the guard spot, I think. He is doing a tremendous job. Last year he played well until he kept battling all those injuries. He had that ankle, he had that shoulder. All of a sudden his play leveled off. I guess so, he’s playing with a high ankle sprain and a shoulder, but he’s healthy now. He is playing really well. We’re going to be tested this week. We’ve got (Ndamukong) Suh, that’s no easy task. But, I like our guards. I think our guards are playing really well.

Q: What about John last year with the way he fought through everything, he never really complained, he just kept playing?

A: Oh, what a tough guy. He lost his mother during the year. But, he came back. He’s such a good teammate and he cares greatly about this football team and about his linemates and stuff like that. It’s important to him. But man he is a really good player.

Q: The team has won four straight, the focus should be on that, but the focus has shifted on something lewd that’s going on in the parking lot, what’s your reaction to that?

A: I don’t know what the lewd thing is in the parking lot. I hope I’m not getting blamed for that one. You know what, we just focus on our job and being the best team that we can be. That’s where the attention is for us.

Q: The amount of success LeSean has had up the middle this year, when did you guys try to refocus that? Who came up with that?

A: We knew LeSean wanted to. He can run anywhere. He can run outside, inside, or whatever. He wanted to make sure to tell us that he wanted to run the ball down the middle also. It’s something that Anthony Lynn knew. We’ve had a lot of success. You’re seeing him, behind the center more than what we’ve done in the past. We’re not just a pin-and-pull team. We can do that. We also can run the ball downhill at you. We can run zone, gap schemes, inside, outside. We make you defend everything. It’s not just we’re a zone running team, or we’re a this team. We’re very multiple in our running game.

Q: How much further does this team have to go before anyone starts talking playoffs?

A: A long, long way. We have to focus on the job at hand and the opponent in front of us. It’s a who’s who over there. You look at, we talked about all the money they spent on their offensive line, the talent they have at skill positions on offense. And then, it’s a who’s who on their defense. There’s a lot of Pro Bowl players over there. So, we think if we’re looking anywhere other than this team, as a matter of fact they beat Pittsburgh. So, it’s all about Miami and that’s it. The other stuff, there’s no sense in even thinking about that. We’re not even close to that.

Q: Were you a bit surprised when you saw Mario Williams got 13 snaps on defense last week?

A: I haven’t looked at them that much. I’ve really been more focused on the other side of the ball.

Q: Did you go down to Clemson on Saturday?

A: No, but they had that one easy. That was one of those piece of cake games, it went exactly according to play. Woo! A little tough, a little close there. But it’s funny, when you have a magical year, you have to have a game like that now and then.

Q: Rex, do you notice anything different from some of the guys that haven’t had a four-game win streak before?

A: No. I just think our team is eager that, obviously we’re still overcoming that two game losing streak we had to start the year, knowing that we have to focus big time on this team. What we’ve done, last week you get a win and that’s great, now let’s move on to the next opponent. We’ve already started, guys already looking at tape on them. So that’s the impressive thing.

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