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City Hallways (Oct. 17): Already, some overtime exceeds regular pay in city workforce

Some Buffalo payroll trivia

I was just checking through city payroll information on the city comptroller's webpage. Here's a few things I noticed:

*City Payroll: $145.5 million in 2013-14 fiscal year; $143.1 million in 2014-2105; $139.4 million 2015-16. So far in 2016-17: $45.9 million (current fiscal year started July 1)

* Overtime: $24 million in 2013-14; $27.6 million in 2014-15; $24.3 in 2015-16. So far 2016-17 is $9.2 million.

*Current fiscal year (2016-17) is less than four months old. Already I'm noticing a handful of cases where overtime exceeds regular pay. One cop who earned about $20,000 in regular pay so far earned almost $43,000 on overtime; another whose regular pay is at $20,000 is up to almost $35,000 in overtime.

I also noticed a water division mechanic who so far earned about $13,000 in regular time pay and about $14,450 this fiscal  year. (An earlier version of this blog had his OT even higher, but turns out much of that higher number was retro pay related to a Blue-Collar contract settled earlier in the year.)


It's Foreclosure Week

Today, the city is expected to list properties it plans to obtain, with help of the local Land Bank, through preemptive super-bids. The foreclosure sales runs Tuesday through Thursday.

There were lots of people in City Hall last week paying tax bills to avoid foreclosure.

Zoning Board agenda

I just read through the agenda for Wednesday's Zoning Board meeting.

There a proposal for a one-story restaurant 694 Swan St. Developers plan to convert a masonry building downtown at 50 Broadway and 2 Blossom into an apartment building and restaurant.

There's also lots of requests for new signs, among them: an LED sign at 1297 Hertel Ave.,  an illuminated sign at 540 Colvin Ave. and an overhanging sign 45 Allen St..

Today's calendar items

Council caucus today to get ready for formal meeting tomorrow.


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