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Letter: Women use locker room when talking about men

Women use locker room when talking about men

A recent commercial prompted this letter. I’m not making excuses for the remarks made by Trump, but that kind of talk happens every day, believe it or not. A lot of women are complaining about being offended by that kind of talk, which brings to mind the time I was around 20 years of age and had a job in a popular bakery that is long gone.

At the time my boss took me to a room next to where the “ladies” were working and told me to listen to their conversation. What I heard from the room from those “ladies” would put Donald Trump to shame.

Naive as I was I would have never believed that women could talk as bad as the “guys,” so all I’m trying to say is this kind of talk happens all the time whether we want to believe it or not, by men and women both. Call me a liar but it’s a fact.

John B. Guzzi


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