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Letter: Paladino sets a bad example by justifying Trump’s words

Paladino sets a bad example by justifying Trump’s words

As the world now knows, Donald Trump was caught on videotape bragging, “when you’re a star, they [the women] let you do it. You can do anything…” His remarks have been met by condemnation by politicians from across the political spectrum. Republican Sen. John McCain condemned Trump’s “demeaning comments about women and his boasts about sexual assaults.” Speaker of the House Paul Ryan said he was “sickened by what I heard today.” Even Trump’s running mate, Gov. Mike Pence, said, “as a husband and father, I was offended” by Trump’s behavior.

In the firestorm occasioned by the tape Carl Paladino asserted that “he’s like any other Joe on the street, except with intestinal fortitude” and “this is what all men do, at least normal men.” I believe I speak for all the Joes on the street in saying “no, this is not how we talk.” It would be one thing if Paladino said “I still support Donald Trump despite his reprehensible comments.” But he alone, among all the Republicans and Democrats who spoke out, has the nerve to suggest that Trump is just talking and behaving the way men always do.

As a member of the Buffalo School Board, Paladino is charged with defining policy that impacts all the boys and girls who attend city schools. Education is about more than chemistry and mathematics. It is about teaching our students how to be good citizens and decent men and women. It is flat-out wrong to suggest to impressionable adolescents that it is “normal” to sexually molest a young woman. A female student should be able to walk the halls of a public school without fearing that a classmate will grope her.

Paladino should resign immediately from the Buffalo School Board. If he refuses to do so, the other board members should remove him from his position.

Joe Gerken


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