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Letter: Athletes should speak out about locker room banter

Athletes should speak out about locker room banter

I hope that athletes will weigh in on Donald Trump’s claim, seconded by Carl Paladino, that it is common for men in locker rooms to refer to their wife as “a beautiful piece of a**,” to give permission to other men to refer to their daughter as a “piece of a**,” to banter about the size of their daughter’s breasts, to laugh about grabbing women by their genitals, and to describe forcing themselves on married women.

Trump’s hateful remarks would be equally offensive no matter the venue, but it is worth noting that his description of his proclivities for sexual assault were made to Billy Bush, the host of “Access Hollywood,” in a professional context, en route to meeting with a female coworker.

And Trump spewed his vile views of women on the radio, not in private conversation, during two dozen appearances over two decades on the “Howard Stern Show.” The aggressive, public manner in which Trump stages his predatory sexual nature suggests that he is not only without shame, he imagines that his audience will be charmed, admiring and imitative.

Trump’s “excuse” that his misogynistic comments about women are “entertainment” only makes his behavior more antisocial. What kind of man finds it amusing to demean and assault women? Of course we already know the answer: the same man who mocks Muslims, African-Americans, Latino/as, veterans, POWs and the disabled.

Kari Winter


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