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Letter: Voters will soon determine the path of our great nation

Voters will soon determine the path of our great nation

Curiously, although a lifelong Republican, I find myself in deep mourning for the loss of the party of John F. Kennedy. As one of America’s greatly gifted Democratic leaders, he guided us through two weeks of tension that could have led to the destruction of the world as we know it, setting us on a path towards ever-increasing vigilance.

A quote attributed to him perfectly ties in to the current presidential race: “Leadership and learning are indispensable to each other.”

The Founders didn’t put any “experience” clauses into running for/holding presidential or other office; even a non-politician entering into the presidency can learn things along the way that help the people at large.

Therefore, let’s look past the perceived assets/liabilities of these candidates and ask ourselves, point-blank: What vision do we wish to follow? These candidates’ visions for America are starkly different; let’s not kid ourselves.

One candidate, however well-seasoned in the political world, wants to usher us into a world of coddling those who can’t handle real life while calling it “social justice,” of impugning and maligning the achievers while placating the non-productive, and of subordinating our individual and Constitutional rights to placate foreign interests, many of them carrying an agenda that doesn’t bode well for America or our interests.

The other candidate, however rough and raw around the edges, charts a path toward less dependence on foreign sources for our energy needs, towards economic growth and development, towards protecting America and its interests from foreign aggression and towards the implementation of true societal justice by restoring law and order to America, along with enforcing the Constitution.

Which vision do you embrace? Ask yourselves carefully before deciding which candidate (and therefore, which party) you’ll vote for come Nov. 8.

Lloyd A. Marshall Jr.


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