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Letter: Trump’s remarks on Aleppo bring shame to America

Trump’s remarks on Aleppo bring shame to America

Amid the onslaught of outrageous statements and lies uttered by Donald Trump during the town hall debate, it is understandable that a few whoppers slipped through the cracks of media attention. When pressed for a statement about the situation in Aleppo, Trump dismissively said “Aleppo is already lost.”

In other words, Donald Trump is willing to turn his back on the worst humanitarian crisis of the moment. Just as he turns his back on women and children refugees from the war-torn region.

But that’s not enough. Trump continues to praise the instigators of this tragedy – his hero, Vladimir Putin, and dictator Bashar al-Assad – because they are “defeating ISIS.” These are not the American values I was raised to respect and revere. These are not the values my father fought to defend in World War II.

All Americans should feel ashamed.

Michael R. Lavin


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